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Things to look for when looking at used bandsaws

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Hey guys,

I am on the craigslist trail again, this time searching for a bandsaw. I am looking for a long-term saw with a decent amount of power (probably at least 2 hp, I do have 220), that has the capability to occasionally resaw boards about 10" wide. I have a decent amount of experience with bandsaws, but my current one is a homemade hand-me-down that doesn't have a ton in common with your common bandsaw.

My question is what do I look for when I go to look at a saw in person? Obviously, a sample cut will reveal some things, as well as a visual inspection, but do y'all have any tips beyond that?


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Loosen the blade and check the wheels for play, that will indicate worn out bearings. Decent tires are about $30 each, check those, expect to replace them on an old machine. Assume that wearble items are worn out until you know better,such as guides,belt, etc.You don't want cracks in the cast iron. Make sure all the knobs tighten, loosen and do what they should. Check the blade tensioner and tilt. Cut some wood, see how it handles under a load.

Back in the day, dust collection was a broom and dustpan. It may or may not be an issue in your case.

Do some research, find out what's good and what's crap. Show up with cash and a truck to negotiate your best price.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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