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Things to look for when looking at used bandsaws

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Hey guys,

I am on the craigslist trail again, this time searching for a bandsaw. I am looking for a long-term saw with a decent amount of power (probably at least 2 hp, I do have 220), that has the capability to occasionally resaw boards about 10" wide. I have a decent amount of experience with bandsaws, but my current one is a homemade hand-me-down that doesn't have a ton in common with your common bandsaw.

My question is what do I look for when I go to look at a saw in person? Obviously, a sample cut will reveal some things, as well as a visual inspection, but do y'all have any tips beyond that?


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Look real carefully for cracked castings. They can be braised
but I wouldn't recommend paying much for a saw with
a crack.

Band saws are pretty simple machines. If you can swing
it, look for a steel framed saw 16" or larger. Older
industrial cast iron saws are another option but they
tend to be real heavy.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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