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Things that happen in Anchorage... Oh yeah...

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This is just one example of some of the things that happen in Anchorage, Alaska…

Hope you found it educational… :)
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Hey Joe, we have moose walking through the yard regularly in the winter. Even had a cow moose calve in the unfenced adjoining yard with our neighbor….........but no thanks to rutting moose…........they could destroy a car….....or….....break a house window. Had one slide down a hill and go right through a picture window into a house. That happened to some friends of ours, and the only damage was to a loom that belonged to my wife that was being temporarily housed there during a remodel.

If nothing else, that video underscores what Anchorage folk mostly understand, that moose are usually quite placid, but they are not tame, and they can be very dangerous. A cow moose with a calf can actually become quite aggressive if they think they are threatened.

Fun post…........

I knew you would catch this one… I thought of you when I saw it… Awesome!
My wife and I live in Anchorage or Elmendorf AFB for 4 years back in 83 to 87. We drove the ALCAN up there and when we arrived on base at the base hotel office and a Moose was on the lawn. I got out of the car and started scratching the cow moose on and around the ears.
I called my wife and she told me to get away from it and I said "It must be tame" dumb statement. lol
Very good Arlin… You must have looked like a good person or smelled good… sounds like you were Lucky!

... or maybe she recognized you in some other way… :) :)
I was lucky. I learned better in a few days. lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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