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The Ultimate LJ Project/Challenge

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So I woke up this morning with an idea. Yep, I actually had a thought in my tiny brain. I think it cost me some brain cells, but here I am and here it is. I was thinking how great it would be, and maybe this has been thought of before so sorry if it has, if several lumberjocks (however many wanted to) were able to design a project over a forum, have it drawn up in sketchup, each given a certain piece to make, and then shipped to a central location and assembled to make the ultimate LJ Project.
The Challenge:
1) how to get people signed up and involved
2) who would draw it up, and can there be multiple people drawing it up
3) how would we distinquish who gets what task without causing a rift between members
4) where would we send the parts
5) who would do final assembly, or is it possible to have an LJ get together and everyone gets involved.
6) who would do the finishing
7) Is it possible to design a project with multiple members without controversy

The Final project: I think it would be great if the project was sold at auction to either help some sort of Charity (has to be approved by all members which one), or the money it sold for could go directly to LJ's and support the site. All members involved would become known as "donors" if they aren't already. Each member would be responsible for the expense of their part of the project and will not be refunded. This includes shipping your part, materials, and labor. Each member must sign their part. There is no reward for being involved other then the pleasure of working with other great members, and knowing you helped either a charity or this site with the end result.

Well, there it is. My thought. So whos interested? What are your thoughts, concerns, suggestions?
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I think if you are looking for any grain continuity at all or even color matching of the same species of wood you are going to be disappointed. The idea is actually pretty cool… I know my mother does something like that for her quilts. She will make up one square maybe 15 times, but others will make up their square 15 times as well, and each person is sent one of the squares… Each person then will make a full quilt ending up with 15 separate quilts.
That could work as well for your idea, albeit a bit more expensive since 15 things are getting produced, but then again, that is 15x the charity donations too LOL.
I agree with the material being different. We can't forget that this wouldn't be a master piece, and we have to take different levels of experience into consideration as well. This could give members a chance to also learn new skills, ask specific questions related to a certain aspect, etc. I don't mind if it's a complete worthless piece of junk when it's done, but anyway to bring the community together and give some sort of charity makes it worth it to me.
Keith, I like your idea…......and it shouldn't be just for the experienced woodworker. I think part of the design process would be to take into consideration materials from all over the country and every level of woodworking experience being able to contribute to the buld…..........Make it regional, national and international and this could be another contest! LOL. Minimum 3 designers, minimum 12 builders, 3 phases of assembly, to be shipped to 3 phases of finishing to one final assembler (our group of assemblers). Just thinking outloud! lol. Would love to hear what everyone else thinks.
I would suggest that this be a donor outreach to Lumberjocks. All who want would make a part or series of parts, depending on the number of people participating. Martin would make the drawing from the donors and then the parts get sent to that person for final assembly and finishing.

Visible pieces like stiles and rails might be made by one person that way you get consistent material match and matching router cuts. Drawer fronts could be made by one person for matching material. Tops glued up by one person

That way we don't have to ship a finished project to the winner.
I love this idea Keith.

I'm not sure what I can contribute but count me in.

Regarding the grain continuity and color matching, we should come up with a design the exploits that attribute. Maybe a more contemorary design that uses different species of wood?

It sounds like you're attempting to expand LumberJocks beyond the internet and into the real world, and I like the idea a lot. We have a significant virtual presence and expanding it seems like a natural step.

I think the type of project will determine the specific problems, but my biggest concern would be the final assembly, where the consistency in precision of each component could derail the whole thing.

The WoodWhisperer (aka Marc Spagnuolo) participated in something like this a little bit ago and recorded his portion for his site. In his case, the project was shipped from one shop to the next for the each subsequent process. Maybe we can get his thoughts on something like this.

In the meantime, I like the idea and I would love to participate in some way.
Great Idea but how can it bee done
We are nearly 15000 LJ´s and if just ½ join in
then it wuold be nearly impossiple but it wuold be a great footprint
for what we can tribute with to help this site or other course´s who need help
but how
the transport alone will cost a fortune

Dennis from Denmark
Keith this is a great idea i'm definatly up for this i think there is only one person who should draw the project up in SU thats the master DaveR as for the location pick the most central LJ in the USA there are more LJ's in the USA so seems right even for us over the pond as for the different timber used that is what will make it Unique

  • what to make i see dennis has some valid points so why dont we make a chopping board i know it sounds boring but if we made our own little mark from who and where that would make it very unique then Martin * could raffle it through LJ's donations and who ever wins gets the board

just a thought

Keith, I like the idea and you can count me in also. Just a thought but as someone already said if there is enough to sign up can't we have several 3 to 5 person teams. would be more projects to raffle for the site. What ever you decide let me know and I will be happy to join in.
Pommy maybe I did saund a little skeptikel but was not soposed it was only to try to kick some of the creative members here to go in brainmode so we can accomplice the challenge and I do believe it must be one or many unique thing´s so it can be sold and that way help and also that LJ can get better nown aut there in the funny world

sorry for my spelling ( I didn´t got a new dictonary from santa this year)

Bentlyj i think that is a wonderfull idea
That is a great idea Bently. It seems like a simple way out of the design and material dilema. Lets discuss how we could make an actual project work before committing to it, and if there isn't a solution I'd like to move forward with the Jenga idea.
I think that it is a great idea and the issues mentioned can be overcome as the LJ group is also a creative and resourceful bunch.

One way to overcome the problem of including people is to do more than one. If there are enough people with time available and to make a commitment, then that means more than one project could be made.

Bentlyj may be on to something with his idea. It may not be a Jenga game but that is a good starting point.
After the project is completed, give it away to a museum or gallery for display. This project is not something that should be kept a secret when it is done.

Great idea!
Jenga is a pretty good idea. Even I could do the SketchUp on that.

Jenga might just be the ultimate challenge, enter it in Guiness book of world records as the largest Jenga game ever. That would certainly bring some attention to LJ
Innovator has a point but we still have to sell it or them
but maybee we can do it so both criteria is forfild

I love "out of the box" thinking!!
I was reminded of the Memorial piece .. where LJ's worked together.

There are lots of possibilities and always a solution to glitches!! (such as too many LJ's? Do two or more such projects).
Jenga is a neat idea as is a "quilt" .. with each participant creating a square … carved, scrolled, intarsia'd, veneered… lots of options.
Interesting idea, Keith….but Dennis does pose an interesting question. Even if it's a Jenga game…it's going to be a very large one even if half of us contribute…It would have to be a multiple project idea like Todd was saying.

Pommy Said:
i think there is only one person who should draw the project up in SU thats the master DaveR

I think Dave's a really skilled guy too…but there's allot of guys on here with some Sketchup skills, that I'm sure would be interested in participating in that aspect of the project.
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