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The ticking table saw

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After shutting down my shop and selling all of my industrial machines I was the lucky recipient of a Craftsman 315 series - the saw has run well for the past 6 months but recently it has developed a nasty tick/knock which seems to be stemming from the arbor assembly - does anyone have experience in this area?
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Does it do it when you spin the blade by hand, on start up or slow down, or does it tick all the time?
I have a 315.228410 that ticks on and off, but I've never really had any problem. I think mine is from my motor though.
Well that would be the weird part - if I disconnect the belt and spin the arbor manually there is only a very faint knock every 1/2 rotation. Conversely with the belt disconnected the motor runs almost silently (as quietly as a motor of its age can.). Connect the operation and the problem rears its head. I will upload a video this evening.
I had a sears contractor's saw that had a similar noise. when I looked closer, the drive pully on the Arbor shaft had loosened and slid to the side. Moved it back and tightened it, the noise went away.
The symptoms you are describing certainly sounds like a loose driven pulley.
If it's not the drive pulley:

I had this happen and found that the bearing on the pulley side went dry (but not bad). If you carefully take the arbor off, you can re-grease them with either a bell jar or heat vacuum. Or just buy a new one for four to six bucks.
I've checked the drive pulley and the darn thing is tight and in alignment… Still scratching my head over this.
Alrighty gentlemen - below is the video

By the by - I am so grateful for all of the input and assistance.
If it is the bearing/s (which I can't think of anything else it would be), it sounds like at least one of the balls has a flat side. They would have to be replaced. I found two on Ebay for $8.95 with free shipping. I only replaced the bad one because the saw side bearing doesn't come off.
Its unfortunate that one cannot remove the saw side bearing - I am hoping that its not the one thats gone for a loop.
That definitely sounds like a bearing to me.
I'm sure that you have ruled this out, but I will ask anyway, do you have the belt guard on? Mine would make a sound very similar to that when the belt would get to close to the motor pulley. they keyway rubbing the plastic guard made a heck of a racket.
I think the bearings may be a good starting point… Worst case scenario I can find a donor saw and start to part it out. With regards to the belt guard, I removed it from the machine because it caused an impingement when lowering the blade down.
Ok gentlemen - the bearings are here, unfortunately its seems as though the driven pulley has seized on the arbor, even after removing the set screws completely it still will not budge. Any suggestions? I don't want to pry on it too hard in case I bend the arbor in the process.
Also could anyone tell me what my belt length should be?
I made a homemade gear puller for mine. There are a few ways to do this. Either you can imitate a real gear puller or do what I did. I drilled a quarter inch hole in a piece of wood, put it behind the pulley, put another piece of wood on the end of the shaft, and then used clamps in syncronization to pull it.

My ts is a late 50's model and takes a 42" belt. I'm certain they vary in size for different decades and models. I replaced mine with a link belt and it works great.
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