Infinity - 010-044 Super General 40T 10" Hi-ATB Saw Blade (Rating: 5)

One glance of the 010-044 Super General gives the immediate impression that this is a state-of-the-art blade, and is made to world class standards. The materials used are the finest examples available, and the manufacturing techniques used are nearly flawless. The teeth are among the largest I've seen on any blade, and the gullets are noticeably deep.

Two distinctive design characteristics of the Super General's tooth geometry are what sets it apart from most other premium general purpose (GP) blades like the Forrest WWII, Tenryu Gold Medal, or Ridge Carbide TS2000. It features a Hi-ATB grind that offers a steep 30° alternating bevel across the top of the teeth, and a double side grind. Most GP blades use a shallower standard ATB grind. The new Freud Fusion F410 is the only other blade I know of with a similar design. These two blades are really in a separate class from the other premium 40T or 50T blades. The "Hi-ATB" grind has the lowest tearout of any grind available due to the sheering action that it creates across the fibers. This grind is typically seen in dedicated higher tooth count crosscut blades used specifically for ultra fine cuts in veneers, fine plywood, and melamine. The result of the Hi-ATB in this 40T general purpose configuration is extremely low tear-out on crosscuts in hardwood, plywood, and sheetgoods, and very clean rip cuts. The double side grind enhances the polishing characteristics of an already low side clearance, resulting in a very smooth glassy surface that's also typically only seen in the higher tooth count specialty blades. I'm actually able to recognize cuts made by the Super General by inspecting the edge of the board, which is really pretty amazing, because it's typically very hard to distinguish cuts made by most other premium general purpose blades. The downside….the Hi-ATB grinds are a bit less efficient at ripping thick stock than some standard ATB or ATB/R 40 tooth blades, but it's still more than adequate to rip up to ~ 2" without much struggle, depending on the saw and the material. Also, the features that provide the highly polished edge can increase the chance of burning if the saw bogs or the feed rate slows too much in thick material…raising the blade height and increasing the feedrate will usually help if that's the case. I'd also expect the tips of the steep bevel to abrade a bit more rapidly than those on standard ATB grinds, but hobbyists should still get very good edge life.

The Super General is a super choice for general purpose work that requires clean rip cuts with polished edges, excellent cuts in ply or laminates, or fine crosscuts….all with the benefit of not needing to change blades. Really a remarkably smooth cutting blade. You'll have to buy two separate dedicated task blades of comparable quality to do better….one for ripping, one for crosscutting, but neither will do well outside of their dedicated range, so will need to be changed out for each task.

Note - The Super General is now available in both a 3/32" thin kerf, and 1/8" full kerf widths.