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the real wood worker dude

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so if your not in the woods and you still see the tree's does it mean the real wood worker dude didnt make them…..who is the real wood worker dude…..ive never seen him…..but all these beautiful tree's are there…i had a first blog , but it had to be removed because it was really igious….is there such a word..or did i make it up…..sheesh i dont know , ive been snifin glue for a long time…so my thought's may be all gumed up, and i noticed if i tell a joke that is sorta really igious…..then its ok…….there was this really wonderful head wood worker dude …and he went around makeing all of these beautiful tree's…i didnt see him do guessing he probably had all these piles of sawdust and he glued up all of these tree's…so like many jokes told about if you heard a tree fall but werent in the woods to see it…did it really fall… if you look at a forest and see the tree's, but didnt see them made, does it mean the head wood worker dude didnt make em…..i think there is a head wood worker dude…and he lives at the north pole….but…ive never seen him…..but im so thankful for all the tree's he gave us…..or maybe it was a dog…yes , that is it..i bet this dog walked across the earth…and when he had gone full circle..and got to the point he started at…he looked back and there were all these tree's..and here is the funny part…he just did what dogs do…and there were tree's…....grizzman
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are you sniffing hide glue ,
or the new epoxies ?
well dave ive done a mix of them all..wonderful ideas have come …dont you think
You're a sick puppy, you know that.
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