Shark Guard - SGK1 (Rating: 5)

With my shop overhead dust collection completed, I knew the next thing to tackle was overhead dust collection for my Powermatic 66. The existing PM66 splitter was a pain, like any original splitter. I also needed a blade guard that I could see through. And finally, needed dust collection to end the spray of debris back toward my face during cuts. I have my PM66 face to face with my Unisaw (which also has my BenchDog cast iron router table fitted), so any Excalibur or Unisaw boom arm would not work. Shark Guard to the rescue! I can easily fit my overhead 4" hose directly to the top of the Shark Guard. And this splitter assembly is a breeze to install/remove in less than 30 seconds. It comes with 3 splitter heights (I installed the medium one). You have the option of standard kerf (this is what I went for since I have 2 Forrest Woodworker II's) and thin kerf, and also the option of 2 1/2" or 4" dust collection port. Had no trouble sliding 3/4" plywood underneath during a cut. I installed in within 10 minutes of the USPS dropping off at my front porch. And the customer service? Wow! I purchased this on the evening of Dec 12th worried that it would not arrive anytime soon due to the holiday season and backorders and lead time. But Lee Styron came through and it was manufactured and shipped and arrived this Dec 20th. I feel much much safer with this quality splitter. I feel much much happier that I finally have fantastic overhead dust collection. And I feel gratitude at Lee for getting this out so quick. Don't distress over the USPS package…I tore into this thing fast so it doesn't look pretty.

Here is my first run video of the Shark Guard in action:

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