Highland Hardware - Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blades (Rating: 5)

I bought a new Rikon 18" band Saw for my shop a few weeks ago. This is really my first band saw and I am very happy with it. I decided on buying a couple of after market blades by a very reputable manufacturer but I had so many issues with them that I send those back to woodcraft where I bought them. The third blade came directly from the manufacturer and for some reason did much better for me than the first two. Still, cuts with this 3/4" wide, 2-3 TPI blade were not as smooth as I would like. After seeing a video in Youtube about the Wood slicer blade I decided to order a 1/2" wide one for me. Well friends, this is the Saw Blade to have! All the Hype you have heard about it is true. The blade runs perfectly true and cuts anything I tried (up to a 5" oak I had at hand) like nothing. The best of all is that with the 3-4 TPI there is no oscillation what-so-ever and the cuts are so smooth that they almost look like they came from my table saw. I am a believer in the wood slicer blades and these are the ONLY blades I will ever use in my shop from now on. I am planning to also buy their 3/4" for cutting logs etc and I will sell the one from the other manufacturer soon.

Please do yourselves a favor and try these blades and you will see what I mean. For the money that Highland Hardware is selling these you could never find a better blade out there even if you spent 2 times more.

Happy Dust Making everyone