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The Last Steam Powered Lumber Mill in North America

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Hull Oakes Lumber Mill is in Monroe, Oregon, about 2 hours south of Portland, it's said to be the last steam powered mill in North America. Just wanted to share a few videos because I think it's pretty cool. Our company has been doing some spraying for them over the last few years and the employees that do the job said it's just awesome, I can't believe I haven't made it down there yet. I heard they have to switch out blades something like every hour (maybe less) and send them to the sharpening room… Man they cut some big timber.

Their website

Hull-Oakes: The Last Steam Powered Lumber Mill in America from AV-Department on Vimeo.

I'm hoping to get down there sometime this summer for a tour. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy!
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That is a seriously badass operation they run there. Thanks for sharing that 7.
Amazing viewing.
It's somehow compulsive watching that old machinery in action.
The tour must be an amazing experience.
Cheers for posting.
Pretty cool. Would LOVE to see it in person!
Very impressive operation. Wish I could run logs that fast.
Very cool operation.
Glad you guys like it, have you ever made it up there Jim?

That blade is hoss, so awesome.

Jinky I hear ya, I've watched that short 21 second clip about 20 times, I want to see that in person!
Look at the size of that Log in the Second Video! Yumpin Yesus!!!

I'd love to see that thing in action!

I went to another Video on there "Honor The Giants". Picture in there almost Identical to this one.

Art Wood Working animal Painting Illustration

Thanks For Posting This!


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Hey Rick,
just watched "Honour The Giants" and it is awesome, thanks for the prompt.
Watched a documentary (part of a series) last night about the early pioneer/settlers.
Last night was mainly about the Appalachians.
It has been estimated that each family felled approx 1acre of forest per year for firewood and construction material just to survive.
Seems to me the trees and the people were "Giants".
My Pleasure JJ! I Agree! Both are "GIANTS"!
Seeing as how we are talking Cutting Lumber, and I've seen the Question asked on this Site.

I thought some of you might find this Interesting.

Font Circle Parallel Pattern Symmetry


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