Bessey - Uni Klamps (Rating: 5)

I recently purchased quite a few of these clamps - see my blog

These clamps are a lower grade parallel clamp than the K or the KR versions from Bessey and are available in 300 mm (12") and 600mm (24"), with a 80mm (3") jaw length.

I found the clamps to be more than adequate for light clamping, but do not expect the same performance as the KR.

The clamping pads stay relatively square and parallel even when full torqued, there are NO non-mar pads, so the use of some timber scraps may be necessary, but I have not found so yet.

There are no given torque figures for the clamping pressure available, but for light work they provide more than enough force. The only drawback I found, was that the action of the clamp is not as smooth as the KR, but is still easy to use. As thes clamps are about 1/3 of the price of the KR you get what you pay for, but still a valuable clamp in the collection.