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The existing house

I got this house from my grandparents and lived here for a year only fixing what broke. Let me tell you about myself and then the house and the progress on the house before I found Lumberjocks. I grew up with a dad that ranched and a grandfather that did a lot of different things with wood and even went through the cabinet building class with the Army back in the 1940's his favorite thing to build was end of the day projects. For those who don't know wath these are it is the process of building different projects out of the scrap wood at the end of the day. I have tables, boxes and even lamps built out of everything from pear and apple to bodark. I have been into wood working since I was about 13 years old when I helped my grandfather replace the windows in the original part of the house and I was pretty well hooked. I got to use a belt sander and then later a skil saw and then in highschool in built a gun cabinet and I was hooked again for a while. Then college got in the way and I started college with the degree plan of biomedical engineering to create replacement human joint (knees, shoulders, hips) well that didn't work out. I when into college on the honors floor of the dorm and inside of 1 semester I was on the 3rd floor (which is for the students that don't want to be there) I signed up for reffeeing, ceramics and others too make my course load easier to accomodate the keg parties that happened about every other night. This plan did not work, I graduated salutatorian and started college with a 3.89 gpa on the honors floor and two semesters later I left college with a 1.89 gpa and own academic suspension. So I decided to start life in the real world and get a job, I was a checker at a small Super S grocery store for $4.35 an hour. I when from there to a landspace company, and then later to a 3 1/2 star restaurant and started washing dishes I learned if I got the dishes done quick enough I got the chance to learn how to cook. I liked cooking and that skill has stayed with me when I was at the restaurant we needed more space in the kitchen and I jumped on the opportunity to help. I closed in a carport with walls the owner liked how it turned out so I was happy. I went from there to a butcher shop and would wait on customers and during deer season I would skin deer in the cold and wet, the next year my boss decided to add on to the building and I was there to help. We added on a 1500 square foot cooler, freezer and a skinning room with floor drains and heat it was a great time for me. This was in 1994 and I got my first DeWalt 12 volt drill, I was 22 years old and I wanted every tool they made which there was not many in 1994. My grandmother had a large booth in an antique store at this time and she was always redoing furniture to sell and I would help her and eventually started doing most of it. I did a few jobs for others in town and they liked the work I did so I did more and started looking for my own project pieces I only liked Tiger oak, which later I learned was quarter-sawn white oak and I looked for curved front pieces. I look in every junk shop, swap meet and garage sale for pieces and I found several and wouldn't you know they were all painted pink, purple, yellow, ect. One piece had 13 different coats of different colors most only had 2 or 3 coats on them, so I proceeded to strip the paint and restore each piece. We started a furniture store in 1996 and sold new and used furniture and did repairs as they came. I had a friend tell me that there was a good market for used furniture in Midland, Texas so around Christmas of 1997 I moved my business out to a warehouse in Midland. We were selling used furniture so fast that we couldn't get it off the trailer fast enough. So I started finding more furniture to sell, so I started going to Dallas. I would leave Brady and drive 200 miles to Dallas and buy stuff that was ready to sell and drive 300 miles to Midland and drop them off and drive 200 miles back to Brady and repair those that were'nt. I was making this drive twice a week, it was too much so I slowed down and what sold was great but I stopped driving so much. I always wanted to learn how to upholster so got a job as a tear down person at a local upholstery shop in Midland to learn from the ground up and I did. I got married that year just before I turned 27 and decided to go back to college we started out living in a two bedroom apartment with a roomate. This didn't last long and finally me and my fiance had the apartment to ourselves, well along with my tablesaw and DeWalt scroll saw and other tools, I set up a work shop in the spare bedroom. Some people get complaints for having parties I got noise complaints that people weren't sure what the noise was. Needless to say we need a house so we bought a repossesed house as is with green coutertops and green carpet everywhere. To be continued …..

My grand parents bought this house in 1973 aat the nd it was about 800 sq. ft. at the time with a huge corner lot for $10,000 on a 30 year mortgage, one time I asked why they didn't pay it off early their response was why the payment was only $50.00 a month. The house was a two bedroom with one bath but it had a huge corner lot that had room to add-on and was "on the right side of town". In 1978-1979 they added on about 1000 square foot and they paid cash for it as the went it cost a total of $10,000 and they did a lot of the work themselves
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