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Testament to customer service

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My wife bought me a Buck 110 folding hunter knife 30 years ago on my 19th birthday. I've used, and sometimes abused, this knife frequently for all those years . For many years I carried it on my hip and used it for everything you can think of that you might use a knife on…and some you probably wouldn't think of.

Last summer while peeling some bark off of some Cedar the blade went ping… and snapped in two. I was heartbroken…..I had always seen myself passing this knife on to my kids and/or grandkids.

To make a long story short…I called the folks at Buck and the young lady said "Yawl just send it in to repairs, it's still covered under warrantee". I sent the knife in and in 3 weeks my baby came back to me looking brand new…they even polished all the brass.

Take a guess what kind of knife I'll buy the next time I'm looking for one.

Thanks Buck.

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It's nice to see isn't it!
Hi Bob;
--and I bet there's the feeling of joy that comes from having an old friend near by once again!

I recently snapped one that I carry in my left pocket at the tip while peeling bark….course this one wasn't a Buck….now I'm looking to replace. But then I still have the Old Henry in my right pocket and the Leatherman on my hip. Makes one wonder about all the added weight we woodworkers carry around with us.

I'm glad to hear a good ending and this speaks well of customer service at Buck and company.

I've got a couple of Buck knives but I've never needed to see about a warranty. It's nice to hear one exists.
I will remember this next time I buy a knife.
I've bought 1/2 dozen Buck knives over the years…After my wife bought the 110 I purchased the rest for different needs over the years, some as gifts, a couple specialty knives for myself.

I always knew they were a great knife and of the lifetime warranty. I was just happy to find the process so easy…no proof of purchase….nothing…just the knife and a note on the repairs.

Other companies should take notice…... how to build a brand and loyalty from your customers. I plan on going that route for Christmas presents this year…my brothers would both appreciate a nice knife…especially something purpose fit to their interests.
Very glad to hear such a thing is still alive and well.
that will be a great legacy for generation to come.
It always pays one to buy the best tools for the job! Nice story Bob.
wow… tucking that piece of info away in my little brain!!
I wonder how many knives my uncle threw out over the years (during his hunting days).

thanks for sharing.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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