Veritas - Quick-Release Wonder Dog (Rating: 4)

This should be a slam dunk 5-star product for hand tool users, a ridiculous design flaw knocks it down to a 4 because it's fixable. I give the engineer who made this a big fat zero. I do not understand why Veritas ever let this issue out the door, or why they've never redesigned the problem.

If you don't have a tail/end vise (like me), this is a terrific substitute. I use holdfasts and notched battens but there are times when that doesn't work so well. So I bought this thing, knowing about the flaw ahead of time.

Flaw: If you're trying to plane a board by hand that is less than about 1" thick (I would guess this is the vast majority of all work done by hand plane users), then your plane sole will hit the locking mechanism and you can't plane squat.

Universal reaction to this nonsense:

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I am a faithful Veritas customer. But guys…geez. What's even worse is that on their website they say this:

The low-profile head and clamp body are 5/8" and 11/16" thick respectively, so you can plane stock as thin as 3/4" without worrying about hitting the clamp.
This is 100% not true using most bench planes. My example photo is 3/4 board.

You can move the dog to a different hole and use maybe a #1, #2, #3 or a block. With my bench, if I do that I still can't use anything from a #4 or longer. To fix this problem you need to grind down the top of the locking mechanism. Do not try to do this with a file, you will be standing there until Arbor Day 2026. With a 6" grinder it took me a little more than half an hour.

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Now it works perfectly.

I painted the grinded steel with black engine paint that I've used for restoring old hand planes.

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Veritas: you're too good for this and need to do the work that I and others have done to make this product work properly. Once it's fixed, I have nothing but praise. It's an improvement over the older Wonder Dog. Clamp locks and unlocks easily, holds firmly. When it's unlocked, you can rapidly slide the clamping mechanism up and down the threaded bar.

This is not a complete substitute for an tail/end vise. You still can't plane anything thinner than the brass bar, for example. I suppose you could insert a long-enough, thinner board in between the thin board you want to plane and the brass bar. There are other ways to hand plane thin boards. I don't do a lot of that anyway.