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My tape measures sit on my cutoff table, for just about any and all measuring I do, I use a folding rule. I hate the rules that have the numbers ordered on the top of the rule, it is hard to find the good ones that have the numbers on the inside of the rule so it will go flat to the table with the ,measurements facing upwards, I will have to do a blog about it. For very accurate stuff I use a metal rule that starts at zero or calipers. Getting very accurate measurements is key to fine joinery and tape measures just can't pull it off. They are good for rough 3rd class cuts though. I worked in construction for years and know how to work a tape as accurate as possible, but it just can't give me the accuracy I need for my joinery. I will try to write up a blog by the end of the week about it. Have a great day all!
On the subject of tapes, spend the bucks and get a solid steel heavy duty one. How many times can you say you pulled it out to 25 feet for woodworking. If you can find a good 12 footer go for it and take care of it and it will work good for you, I like to carry a less expensive one when I am working that I don't worry about junking up and keep my good ones at the cutoff table. "Burning an inch" is a rule off thumb for me on short accurate cuts. Thanks for the thread.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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