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I take a different run at measuring. I use a single source then it really does not matter. I find that if you use multiple tapes etc, you can get bit because no way that are all perfect, it just not realistic.

However, if you use one, then if it's a few thou off on 12" does it really matter!

I also tend to start and measure to the piece. Early in my experience (lack there of), I cut all my pieces to final dimension, then after getting most of the way through, found an oops and it hurt. Its like doors, I make to fit the opening.

Now I get it started and use the piece to tell me the dimensions. If I get a case together and it's a 1/16" diff here or there then I just adjust the piece thats being cut.

I have never had someone come back and tell me, that top was supposed to be 24" and it's 23 15/16". No if it flows it works.

As the one and only Charles Neil says "looks good is good'
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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