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table top question

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i made a table out of red aromatic cedar and the top was sealed with polyurathane…the table was transported and got some moisture on it and when it got to its new home they noticed some warp in the only thought was to lay it flat back on the base and either clamp it down or add some weight and hope it flatens…is there any other suggestions for this problem..i would really appreciate some help
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Hey Grizz
I would guess that you finished just one side and that allowed for different amounts of moisture entering and exiting.another possibility is that the wood was not dry enough to work in the first place. If you can scuff off the finish you can spray on some hot water and clamp on some culls that over correct the warp a little and let dry. Make sure to dampen both sides and have the top elevated so equal drying can occur.
well jim the table went to my cousin a state away…they dont have the ability to do what is suggested…yes only the top was sealed…the cedar was dry enough to work though…so i guess there isnt a viable way to flatten it…i told them they might have to shim the top…its a shame it got wet…and when i made it , my back was in a bad way, and i just didnt have the umph to finish the back…lesson learned on this…thanks for the help though.
wow..i really got alot of help on this…pretty dissapointed…but the top flattened out , and its ok…
if the top is now flat, .... for the time being, gotta act now and seal the bottom side or you're in for a repeat performance with any humidity changes ! good luck.
Hey Griz, glad the top flattened out. You should heed aurora's advice and get that thing sealed without further adieu. Your cousin should be able to do it if you can't get over there soon.
I think a1Jim answered your original post beautifully. Maybe that's why there were no other responses. So don't be disappointed, be glad you got a credible answer on the same day.
oh i am grateful for jims answer…just though more jocks would have chimed in..just a insecureity on my part….im going to tell my cousin to seal it…thanks for your helps guys.
It's hard to improve on Jim's answers, especially if you don't knkow what you're doing :))
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