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table saw

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I have been looking for a larger table saw,,the top that is,,at the moment I have a dewalt dwe7491rs,,and I honestly love the saw,,i cant see anything aside from the table top wrong with it,,,it is super accurate,,i only wish I could find a saw with the rack and pinion fence in a larger saw,,,any info on one,,i don't think they make it on a larger saw,,but I might be wrong,,thank you
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What about building a saw station around the DeWalt? Like this:

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The saw station is an interesting idea, and would solve at least one problem. But I don't see how the rack & pinion fence works on it. Where is the knob that controls the fence?
its on the front of the saw,,if you havent seen one go to lowes and check it out
Older Jet lock fence fences have rack and pinion micro adjust.
Jeff, I have the same table saw and it's frustrating. I'm keeping my eyes open on CL and FB Marketplace while doing my best with the DW. I have no need to move it around, it's all I could afford as I was getting started.
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