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Table Saw Shroud Dust Collection

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So I recently picked up a new table saw (Porter Cable contractor version) and I hooked it up to my dust collector, made some cuts and low and behold, there was still dust underneath the saw. So I looked underneath and there was about a good 4 inch gap between the shroud housing and the bottom of the top. I did some investigating of other contractor table saws and noticed that the only model that made an attempt to close this gap and keep the blade mostly enclosed was the high end dewalt version.

My question is, has anyone else come across this and tried to remedy the problem without using duct tape? I also realize that I will not catch all the dust from the saw until I collect on top of the blade as well.

Help is appreciated and this is my first post.

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No contractor saw has great dust collection. You need to close it up as much as you can to get decent dust collection. I used hardboard to enclose it in.
I have a Craftsman and enclosed it completely and I still get some dust flying around.
Wear a dust mask as a minimum to keep from breathing it all in.
Are you talking about a true full size contractor saw with a belt drive motor or a portable jobsite saw?
It's a portable.
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I would sheet metal screw a piece of sheet metal then tape the tops but I don't know if I want sheet metal screws sticking through.


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You have a portable, job site table saw. I recently replaced my job site saw for the shop. The job site saw stays in my truck where it belongs. A job site table saw is not built for dust collection, period. After a year with mine in the shop I gave up on dust collection with it. You will spend far too much money trying to machine fittings etc that are not meant to be there.

My job site saw is a dw744 it has adaqeut dust collection on the job site with a shop vac but does not belong inside a shop IMHO.

Unfortunately, I only have half of a garage for a shop so I dont have enough room for a full size saw. Thanks for the input.

A true contractor table saw or hybrid will table up roughly the same area as a job site saw. My steel city contractor saw takes up about 4 sq ft more room than I had with a job site. It has a mobile base and I move it around.

Can see my saw in my workshop if you click on my name. I work in a 20' x 15' work shop. It's likely smaller than your half a garage.

It's more like 10' x 15' or smaller. It's pretty tight and occupy where the wife parks her car for larger projects. So, everything has to be portable… Long story short, I need a larger shop.
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