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Hi everyone! as you can see in my blog I'm planning a new table for my table saw + router (next I will build a workstation for them).

I have a fence, and the rails, the rails are 120cm (47,2 inches) long, and bought a 17" LS incra positioner.
In the manual says the positioner should be at 19" 3/4 from the base of the positioner to the center of the router bit (I'm asuming the same distance to the saw).

My question is about relative position between the saw and the router, I have mainly 2 options, one on each side or both in the center of the table.

I see that with both in the center I have some option of reching both with the positioner without taking it out (and changing side).

I feel the both in the center is more usefull but most of the workstations I see are different.

If I don't explain myself (english as a second language) please tell me so and will create some pictures to explain the problem.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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