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Table saw fence

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I have a Hitachi 15-Amp 10" Table Saw I purchased from Lowes about a year ago and I haven't really done anything serious on it yet but I am being asked to start some major projects. The fence on the system has worked just well but I have tried to add some jigs to it IE: Raised panel and dado jig. The issue I have is that my fence is a little wobbly and isn't an issue yet but I fear that it will be in the future when I start building cabinets and other furniture. What I am looking for is an answer for a reasonable universal table saw fence I only spent $600 for the saw so I really don't want to spend another $600 for a fence. Any advice or leads for repair is greatly appreciated…
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not really sure why the fence is wobbly - maybe someone with a Hitachi can help you with that, although I've heard good things about this saw - never any complaints about the fence.

if all else fails - you can always get the Delta T2 fence (lowes carries it) for $120-$180… depending on sales/etc. which is a VERY good fence. you may need to drill some holes and modify the new fence/your saw to fit them both together though.
Hey David
Many jigs can ride in your miter slot instead of along your fence in many case a jig running in a miter slot is more accurate especially with smaller fences the main difference is you have to build in the adjustment into your jig to replace the adjustment you would get from your fence. Most replacement fences will cost $300 plus.
Thanks Jim I went out to Wood Whisperer and looked around after I sent this out and found a jig I think I am going to try. It's the same thing as you suggested.
David - It's important to know which model, or at least which type saw you have. Hitachi makes some portable bencthop saws, and two full size cast iron stationary saws…the most common stationary model is the C10FL that Lowes carries for ~ $550. Most aftermarket fences are intended for a full size saw that's a standard 27" deep, and will fit the C10FL, but it can be tough to mount a full size fence on a smaller portable saw. It can be done if that's what you've got, but takes some forethought. IF you have the C10FL, the Delta T2 would fit nicely, and would be a good upgrade from the stock fence for ~ $150-$175….you could sell the stock fence for $50-$75 to help offset the cost.
Scott thanks I have the C10FL I looked up on Lowes for the Delta T2 and found nothing can you post a link I can fallow or lead me in the direction you found the information.
Found it on for $159 (probably have to add s/h)
- for $167.50 shipped
- for $173 shipped

It used to be a stock item at Lowes but may not be anymore. Regular price was $150 if you can still find one…some stores may locate one and bring it in for you.

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Awesome thank you just what I was looking for.
That Scott he's the table saw/ saw blade guy for sure.
All of you have been a total inspiration to my pressing forward for more wood and better detail. Jim I peaked at your web site and all I can say is sweet very nice work.
Thanks David
I hope your saw fence comes together well for you.
A bit on the late side here but I too have the C10FL which is no longer in production, the fence like David's has play in it but by adjusting the nut on the far end corrected that for me, mine had been working fine up until recently, it locks down ok but now doesn't want to let go when releasing and the micro adjustment has never worked from day one. I think it's starting to show it's age, I'm now in the same boat David was in and am seeking a new fence.

David what did you finely do and how is it working for you?

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