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Table saw fence install (accusquare)

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Hello everybody,
I've read a few great posts on the forums but this is my first post. I have been practicing woodworking for about a year now and have completed about 3 furniture pieces so far. I was legitametly hooked with the first whissssp from the handplane. Anyway, I have been using my late grandfathers powermatic 66 table saw. The saw is in great working condition. But the fence is in disrepair, so I have been using clamps to hold it in place… tedious to say the least. I read a few reviews and decided on the accusquare 50" model. So, I started building the table extension frame today. I'm making it out of some old oak my grandfather had produced 30+- years ago (for nastalgia) and the top from melamine. Now to my question, why are most fences mounted with around 20% of the fence on the left side of the table? I should preface this question by saying I am a self taught woodworker. But I don't understand why I would move the fence past the blade to make a cut or rip? I would rather turn my 50" fence into lets say a 65" fence with 7" on the left instead of 22". Any clarity on this issue would be GREATLY appreciatted.
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Depends greatly on the tilt direction of your saw as to the potential need to go to the left. I dont go there often but I do enough to have that capability. Its an erganomic thing as well. Are you right or left handed. ? You wont need 65 inches, and thats not to say that you wouldnt use it on occassion if you had it, Im just saying that situation will not frequent your journey. Thats a fine saw, treat it with respect and dont try to re invent the wheel. Im guessing its a right tilt ?
You can do that. Since a table saw bevels on one side
only the style is to have the majority of fence capacity to
the right and some to the left… because older saws and
sliders (also the vintage American and English patternmaker's
sliders) bevel right. So the style is rip on the right, and
crosscut on the left. There is a bit more support for
a cantilevered fence bar if it is mounted into the left wing
as well. Mounted only to the right of blade center, you'd
have fewer bolts in the rail. A support leg to the far right
of the fence rail fixes the issue adequately. Unsupported,
the bar sticking way out with the fence pushed all the
way right might make the saw unstable enough to actually
tip over if bumped, so be aware of the teeter-totter effect.
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