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Table Saw Crosscut Extension

Every now and then the crosscut capacity on my table saw is a bit less than what I need. I've had big crosscut sleds in the past that helped, but sometimes pulling out the sled is a hassle, plus my shop is really small so finding a convenient location to store the sled has proven to be problematic. This 4" extension was very simple, stays in place, and doesn't take up any extra space since it sits right above the fence support bracket. My TS is left tilt, so I don't need left side rip capacity, and have already slid the fence rails over more to the right for added rip capacity, and out of the way. The crosscut extension hasn't interfered with a thing so far, nor do I expect it to. It could definitely interfere if you use the fence to the left side of the blade.

This extension could have easily been wider for even more capacity, but at some point it would make it's presence known and would get in the way. I had a piece of 4-1/4" phenolic material laying around that fit the bill perfectly. I added some spacers underneath until the surface of the phenolic extension was flush with the saw top. Now I can pull my miter gauge back an additional 4" without loosing control of the miter gauge off the front edge of the table. Pretty simple mod, and was about as close to free as you can get!

This is one of those "why didn't I think of that!" things. You just gave me a great idea. I use a sled for 99% of my cross cuts, however there are times with really large pieces the sled hangs off the back a little too far. I compensate for this now by dropping the blade below the sled while I line up and secure the piece to the sled. I think I will add 2 outriggers that can be folded down when not in use.

Thanks for posting!
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