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Table Saw Blade Recommendation - Ridge Ultra TS or Infinity General?

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Hi Everyone:

I am seeking some guidance on a new table saw blade and considering the new Ridge Ultra TS2000 and the Infinity General. I was also considering the Freud Fusion and Forest WWII but was thinking a Hi-ATB blade would be a better fit for my immediate needs. This purchase is part of a TS tune-up - upgrading a vintage Craftsman 3HP table saw with a new blade, fence, and safety gear.

My immediate need is to rip trim stock for restoration of vintage homes and would like a super clean cut with no extra finishing needed. A good portion of this finish work goes up with a natural finish so there is need to avoid burning. Typical stock is true 3/4 to 1" thickness that is 5-8" width by up to 12' length. Typical woods are fir, hard yellow pine, and oak with some cherry, mahogany, and cedar. Some of this wood is reclaimed 50-100+ year boards so that stock is bit dryer and more dense. The main focus of restoration is interior and exterior finish work - door and window trim, wainscoting and baseboards, etc.

For cross cuts I am using a newer Dewalt miter saw with a new Freud Industrial Ultimate Cut-off 12×92T blade. This blade has been a bit dissapointing with some tearout. Sacrificial blocking solves the problem. A better throat plate may help. So, I may consider replacing this blade sooner rather than later.

Any suggestions for a new TS blade and miter saw enhancements are welcomed. Thanks.
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BL, you need to check out They carry a full line of great blades and bits. I've been using the Amana glue line rip blade and love it. I have used both the Freud blades and Forest WWII in the past. They are great for the first few cuts, but just don't hold up in time. The Amana blades are actually less expensive and work amazing well.
Amana - HD puts them on sale also
I tried a 7 1/4" ultra thin kerf DeWalt blade just to see for my self, after spotting one on a master craftsman saw in a magazine article. I was pleasantly surprised, and now very rearly fit a 10" blade to my saw.
The advantages are:
The total elimination of burn marks. Kickback is vastly reduced. The finish is glass smooth, the cost at $10 means that the slightest sign of rough cut is time to throw away the blade, and get glass smooth cuts back. Because the blade is so thin the amount of sawdust in the dust collector is almost nothing in comparison.
Save your money.
Another source (same blade, different color brand).

I've been using these blades for years and love them.
The recommendation came from knotscott.
FWIW, the Infinity Super General is the cleanest cutting general purpose blade I've used to date….similar design to the Fusion, and is extraordinarily well made. Available in 3/32" TK or 1/8" full kerf. The WWII and Ridge Carbide TS2000 are both excellent too, but as you've noted, the Super General has a Hi-ATB grind that has super low tearout, and a dual side grind for highly polished edges. It's important to keep any blade clean, but even more so with a dual side grind blade. You may find that its best to raise it slightly higher for woods more prone to burning.
I use Amana only because I got a great deal on a 3 blade set but Forest makes a great blade also.I like a 1/8 Cerf, the blade has more meat and I think 1/8 blades will out last thin Cerf blades IMHOP.
I have Freud, Infinity, and Onsrud blades.
THere were some SUPER deals on Onsrud blades from the 'Bay a while back.
All have worked very well for me. The Onsrud glue line ripper is great.
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