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table saw belt drive help?

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When you are adjusting for blade height do you need to adjust the motor tension for every different height you want to cut at. I have only had one other belt drive unit and the rest were direct drive saws. the one belt drive unit I had in the past I don't remember having to do this but I didn't keep it long enough to remember much about it.

When I am adjusting this old Craftsman cast iron saw I just refurbished if I tighten down the motor pivot arch bolt at a certain height then say lower it the belts gets loose, to the point it is going to just come right off on start up.
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I leave the arch bolt loose and just let the motor hang. The weight of the motor tensions the belt.
Never mind I just found my answer. I wasn't leaving the pivot screw free enough to allow the motor pivot and move with blade height adjustment.
I think I better check my link belt length against the original as I think I made it too small now.
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