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Table saw and Router Table Combo problem resolved

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A week 1/2 ago I posted a topic Does it matter which side of the tables aw a Router table Ext can be placed? with the help of replies and responses I received got me to thinking of trying new ideas along rearranging the shop, low and behold my problem has been resolved, what I wand up doing was turning the table saw so that it sat in the center of the building in alignment with the length of the building instead of inline with the width this allow access to both ends of the table saw and also gave me more room in the shop plus… I now have two router tables instead of one as I was able to find a location for the old router table.

The Saw is an outdated Hybrid hitachi table saw c10fl, The fence is an upgraded delta 36-t30 30 t2 fence and rail system, the Router Table is the MLCS 2394 Extension Router Table Top & Fence with Universal Router Plate.
Pictures below

Old setup

Wood Interior design Table Building Clock

Wood Engineering Hardwood Machine tool Toolroom

New setup and layout

Table Wood Interior design Building Floor

Wood Gas Machine Flooring Toolroom

Table Building Wood Milling Gas

Wood Engineering Toolroom Machine Workbench

Pictures showing router table installed

Table Furniture Wood Desk Workbench

Cabinetry Wood Automotive design Gas Drawer

Wood Gas Flooring Machine Engineering


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Man Cave 2.0 :)
Great solution Randy, best of both worlds! I just noticed the base on your grizzly bandsaw Did you decide to go with that vs. Shopfox mobile base?
Not sure what you mean Tom, but I custom built that base, it uses a jack system,
I have a shop fox mobile base under my GO555. Which still has the metal base. I just checked out your projects post. Probably easier to move around than mine. LOL!
Once you release the jack, it raises the rear wheels off the ground so the saw and base are actually resting solid all the way around
Sweeeet Randy.
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