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Table saw alignment problem please help! Bent handwheel shaft?

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Hi guys, i just bought a very expensive table saw and after setting it up i realized it has a very unacceptable issue. I was trying to allign the blade to the miter slots when i noticed that as i raised the blade the back part of the blade would shift to the right out of parralel with the slots and the blade would tilt a tiny bit. The opposite would happen if i lower the blade. So no matter how accurately i try to set it up it is very difficult for me to get consistency. (The blade also has a slight wobble as i raise and lower the blade) After inspecting the inside and trying to tighten a few bolts i think the problem is that the steel rod(shaft?) with threads in the middle that is connected to the crank to raise and lower the blade is slightly bent causing the threads not to fully engage the gears. I predict this is also the reason why the crank is not running smooth and has one part of the rotation that is especially tight. There are a few other problems but my guarantee will only provide me with 1 free spare part. Unfortunately i bought the machine online because i live in a small town in the notheast part of indonesia far away from the major cities and therefore shipping is always a bit difficult for me. So i really dont want to get the wrong spare part for this problem. Does anyone have any other thoughts about what could be causing this? The brand of the saw is ALDO i believe its an indonesian company that just copies other products and makes cheap knockoffs because i have also had issues with my jointer planer combo that is also that brand. The only reason i bought it is because it was one of the only decent full size table saws available to me. Obviously i will never ever buy another product from this company. Sorry for the long post im just very upset right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Send it back. Sounds like it was dropped during shipping.

It should be pretty easy to straighten out. Take some old belt and stick it between the shaft and the gear. Now turn the shaft so that the bent is facing the shaft. Repeat several times folding the belt as necessary til the shaft is pefectly straight.
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