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I learned about this product from Charles Neil. I've been looking for a more durable surface for both indoor and outdoor furniture all summer long.
So far I've had opportunity to use it on three builds. It is by far the best product I've used.

I used it as the can recommends, thin the first coat 10% with mineral spirits and leave the second coat full strength. But I believe after my experience on these three items, I'll go with a 5% dilution on the second coat. They don't recommend more than two coats and you won't need more than that. Full strength, it seems to want to glob and it's hard to get it to spread properly without having heavy and thin spots. This is likely due to the amount of solids in the product. I use natural fiber brushes and after letting one soak over night, the solids were half inch thick on the top of the mineral spirits it was soaking in.

It's only available around here (Kansas City) at Woodcraft and runs about $40 a quart.

I highly recommend you give it a try on your next project.
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