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Swing car:Give it to my son

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Clothing Wheel Tire Plant Rolling


The raw materials:pine(From China guizhou)
decoration:dyeing,Oil and wax

(1)Measuring body size;Design sketch
Arm Leg Human body Gesture Organism

Product Font Line Parallel Rectangle

(2)Design drawings:
Rectangle Screenshot Line Slope Font

Chair Sharing Tool Art Rectangle

(3)Decoration before:
Wheel Automotive tire Weight training Wood Floor

Wheel Tire Toy Wood Vehicle

Wheel Tire Line Toy Gas

Bicycle handlebar Bicycle Glove Bicycle part Bicycle frame

Wheel Plant Tire Yellow Wood

Plant Nature Street furniture Outdoor furniture Yellow

Plant Gas Wheel Outdoor furniture Wood

Plant Wheel Wood Automotive wheel system Gas

Wood Electronic device Wood stain Metal Plywood

Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Material property Auto part Rim


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It looks great, yao. He might have more control if the front wheel were directly under the steering pole. Other than that, it looks like fun. I'd like to take it for a spin.
I believe it was well thought out! the wheel casters to automatically go straight and when rounding a corner follows the weight distribution so it is less tippy. GREAT!
yao, wouldn't it be cool if you made a mechanism that would power the wheels when he swung the hand controls ? It may require elbow rests for stability.
That's a great looking project and a wonderful design. He sure looks like he's enjoying it.

helluvawreck aka Charles
Another awesome job.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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