Veritas - Mk.II Sharpening System (Rating: 5)

Though i thought it was a little expensive when I bought it from woodcrafters I think this honing jig is awesome. I use the scary sharp system and it works great for it. the best part about this jig is that the guide you attach let's you set a consistent square bevel every time. when you try it you'll be surprised how far some of your chisels have gotten from spec.

I found a few things about the jig confusing (the manual wasn't very clear) so i'll give you guys some tips first of all there is an adjustment on the brass roller for a micro bevel. I love this feature but I was confused about which position to start in. If you hold the jig upright and look from the side 0deg is where you should start if you need to shape the bevel then for 1 deg microbevel go one stop right or left 90 or 270 deg. they seem to be the same. if you want to go 2 deg turn 2 stops to 180 deg for the maximum. What is happening is that the brass roller in on an eccentric bearing meaning the axis of rotation is not in the center of the bearing and when you rotate the center axel you are giving the device just a little more height. I found when using this feature I liked to microbevel in the 180 deg pos.

Second if you got some really crappy chisels like i do always check to make sure the factory ground bevel is square to the side of the chisel. Mine were not, and I couldn't figure out why i was only sharpening the left or right side of the bevel. At first I thought it was a problem with the jig but fear not. It was actually squaring up the bevel. If you find yourself in this position I would recommend a 120-150 grit sandpaper and hit it dry in the jig. Grind it until you can see the "new" scratch marks all the way across the bevel i personally didn't see the need to regrind the whole bevel i just went till i saw about an 1/8" of new bevel then I went up the grits as usual.

Just one last thing, when you tighten up the clamp on the chisel try and tighten both thumb screws equally as possible I wasn't careful about this and it allowed the chisel to rotate. This was because I was essentially grabbing it at one small point when i had tightened up the clamp unevenly. This cause the jig to grab at an angle to the flat of the chisel. I found that occasionally looking at the thread in the top when you are tightening and trying to get them to look the same works very well in getting things balanced. Once i figured out that trick I was golden.

The only little caveat i noticed that was not user related (me screwing it up), was that the dovetail where the angle setting part attaches doesn't always slide smooth and after sharpening about 5 chisels it has started to scratch the paint there. This really doesn't bother me a whole lot but it is kind of noticeable when compared to the smooth precise action of the rest of the jig. I almost wish they had left it unpainted and or used a bearing surface different than the zinc alum alloy the body of the fixture is made from so that the angle setter would slide on smoothly. I mean for ~$70 i think it should be perfect lol :)

UPDATE: So I figured out how to edit my review YEA!!!! Anyway i spritzed the dovetail with some of this magical yellow lubricating juice i got and now it slides smooth as a baby's butt