Milescraft - DR11601 Dust Router (Rating: 5)

Okay so I had my doubts going in that this contraption would work at all. So many of these dust collection contraptions interfere with the use of the tool, so I often don't use them. I have a Bench Dog router top and fence with a shop made enclosed cabinet as the base. I use a Ridgid "6.5 hp" shop vac to do the collecting. The dust collection (before installing the Dust Router) was actually fairly good through the fence. However, the cabinet quickly filled with chips and required cleaning after every project.

I unboxed the Dust Router and read the instructions, and was puzzled why it told me to drill and screw the plastic sheet to the underside of the router plate. That step is totally unnecessary because the router plate already screws to the router, and secures the plastic sheet nicely. The plastic sheet has a Velcro ring that holds the blue dust cup in place. The dust cup attaches to one end of the supplied hose via a friction fitting. The two hoses then connect to a "T" fitting so you can attach a shop vac. I was worried that the Dust Router fittings wouldn't work with my router table fence or shop vac, but they fit just fine. The white hoses reverse thread onto the supplied fittings, and are a little too snug. I recommend lubricating the hose and fittings before attempting the install. A spritz of Simple Green works. I checked for leaks, and everything looked good.

So I used the clear strap to loosely support the hose under the router table. I placed the strap far enough from the dust cup that I could remove it without hitting the strap. This is all the support you need. Don't mess with drilling out your router plate!

My router is a Freud FT1700 and has a sort of built-in lift mechanism. I thought it might interfere, but it works great. I can raise and lower the router normally for bit changes. It's like the device isn't even there.

Performance: I notice dust swirls around by the fence a little more, because it is being vacuumed from two opposing directions. Still, almost all the dust finds its way into the vacuum. My shop vac filter is terribly clogged right now, so this is a real-world test. I also have a Dewalt dust extractor, but I haven't tested the Dust Router with that yet. The inside of the cabinet stays spotless now. When edge profiling dust collection appears to be perhaps 95% or better. Nearly 100% if I watch my feed rate, and that is with a dirty filter.

I can highly recommend this as a very useful router table upgrade.