Rousseau - 5000-L (Rating: 3)

Introducing the surprisingly adequate Rousseau 5000-L…with lights!!!

Key features:
Giant hood made out of what looks like tent material to collect dust
Very versatile mounting system that will fit a wide variety of stands
Comes with a 4" dust port in the bottom of the hood
The 5000-L model comes with an LED light strip cuz who doesnt need more light

I'm really on the fence if this deserves 3 or 4 stars. On the one hand I only have it hooked to a small shop vac with a separator. But on the other hand it has a couple glaring flaws that could easily make it a 4 or dare I say 5 star purchase.

For starters the bottom edge of the hood is only a big elastic bungee cord inside. Depending on the type of frame your stand has this may not be enough to get a nice fit around the base of the saw. The more open your frame is the better the fitment will be. The inclusion of a few hook and loop straps or some eyelets for zip ties or bungees would greatly improve this.

Here is a shot looking just over the backside of the fence to illustrate the elastic/bungee bottom.
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Second the lights at first seemed like a gimmick but the more I use them the more I like them. The big glaring issue is the lack of a damn SWITCH to turn them on and off. This can be remedied with an extension cord you don't mind hacking up and a lamp switch but its not something I would expect to have to undertake.

Here is the tiny pig tail plus the inverter for the LEDs I assumed would have a switch on it…i was sadly mistaken. Also pictured is the Leviton lamp switch I plan to use when I pick up a smaller gauge extension cord.
Hood Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive mirror

How does it suck…or not suck for dust collection?

For my testing I cut up a bunch of 3/4 plywood scraps I had lying around from some other projects. I did quite a few test cuts. My miter saw is a DeWalt DWS780 complete with laughable factory dust collection.

Here is the 5 gallon trash can about a 1/4 full of small squares of wood. I'd say this is about a days worth of cuts on the miter saw.
Wood Tints and shades Triangle Art Font

Dust collection for now is a small shop vac with a small separator
Automotive tire Gas Wood Flooring Hardwood

And the aftermath of the testing
Engineering Bumper Composite material Automotive tire Automotive wheel system

The DWS780 has absolutely abysmal dust collection in my opinion. It's like the engineer forgot to add it, then got drunk, and drew it on a napkin just before production. The important part of the image above is the lack of dust in front of the fence. Before I had the new hood I would have to clear the fence every other board or so. Now its staying clear through my entire test run. Some dust will build up on the inside of the hood but a light tap and it falls off into the 4" port below. The other important thing I noticed was the lack of super fine dust building up on the saw body and stand. Results will probably be even better with a proper dust collector hooked up.

For those without a dedicated dust collector or those working job sites I would recommend this hood. By my estimates it's picking up 80% of the dust the DeWalt throws. And by throws I mean it literally throws it sideways sometimes. I seriously can't stress enough how much dust collection sucks on this saw. Even with the few flaws in its design I'm quite pleased with its collection capabilities thus far. It could be improved for sure but I no longer feel like I need a mask on anytime I even as much as look at my miter saw.