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Supermax 1632 Drum Sander Conveyor Belt Problem

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I have the mentioned drum sander. Purchased new last summer and worked fine until now. A couple of months ago out of the blue the conveyor belt started tracking to the right to the point that it tore the belt and I had to replace it. I bought a replacement belt from Klingspor for that size sander but it was not a Laguna belt.
It started to do the same thing and now this belt is trashed. I contacted Laguna and they stated I have to buy a Laguna conveyor belt because a non-Laguna belt will not track well.
This sounds like a sales pitch to buy their stuff but I wanted to check here to see if anyone else has this problem.
Yes I tighten the belt per manual steps
The original belt started doing this first so i do not think it is something that I did wrong when replacing the original belt.

I am a wood turner and mostly use this sander to flatten rings for my segmented turnings. I'll also use it to flatten strips of wood (1" wide) that I will cut into segments. In other words, I do not really do any board sanding.

On a side note, I too struggle with getting the drum level as I read in other posts here.

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I have the 1938, with no problems so far. I hope this isn't a prediction of upcoming events. I will be watching for a solution. Good luck.
I have the exact same problem but mine was right from the start. I'm on my 3rd belt as a result of not paying attention. I don't think buying a Laguna matters. They are much cheaper at

The tech told me to check the drive roller for parallel to the table. Mine was off quite a bit and I thought I had the problem solved, the tracking is still unstable but not as bad.

I'm thinking about adding some tape to one roller, build up the center slightly thicker. Same idea as a belt sander pulley.

In the meantime, I've learned to pay attention and keep tweaking it.
Supergrit is the place to get the belts. Don't buy a paper back belt my woodworking club shop bought some they are worthless ripped in no time. Cloth back is the one to buy. Just keep tweaking it on slow until it is adjusted.
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