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Super Sale on Earlex 5500

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Earlex 5500 Super Sale with 2 tips



Must enter the code FREEDOM2012 in the customer notes window at checkout

While in Stock…

This is really exceptional… if you've been thinking about this, this is a good time to snag it!

Good Luck!
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Paint Sprayers Plus sells the Earlex 5500 at $304 free shipping plus you get the 2 tips and their bonus pack. Bought one from them about 2 moths ago - Fast ship no issues. Same price for 2 months.
I found it for 299

I own a earlex 5000 and would not give it a good review.
Chip73: That is a Super price! $304 to the door!

ducky911: 299 + shipping? Where… have a Link?
... the 5500 is better…
... Charles Neil gave the 5000 a good review IIRC…
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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