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super glu vs wood glu

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Strength, holding power, small projects-CA glues are fast and, for me, easier to use than wood glue for small cigar box size projects. Of course we know that easier is not necessarily better. In my priority list better is #1 and easier #2. Having said that what would be your thoughts as to better? Thanks for any input.
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The use of "super glue" depends a lot on the fit of any joint. A "loose" joint won't have enough material in contact to ensure proper bonding action. I use super glue a lot, but for models I build where strength is not a big concern. Stick with good old yellow glue, either type I, II or III for your furniture projects.
Thanks for the reply, I 'always' appreciate good advice. Given what you said concerning fit - the parts I would be putting together would be (I hope anyway) very accurate. Small parts as in small desk top size jewelry box - or just small boxes for pretty much any use. In your opinion, would CA glue provide a quality bond for such boxes? I do use yellow glue for bigger projects. Thanks again - Jerry
I use wood glue and CA glue for my boxes. I don't like waiting for glue to dry so for small and large glue joints I use both. For instance, if I am gluing an edge joint, I will run a bead of glue for 6 inches then a drop of CA glue, then another 6 inches of wood glue and another drop of CA…. You get the idea… I still clamp it for 20 minutes or so but after that you can keep working. That way you have the speed of CA glue and the strength of wood glue.
That way you have the speed of CA glue and the strength of wood glue.

Great - I hadn't even considered using both. Thanks.

Could I expand this glue question??? I've had difficulty with 'effective' gluing when working with hard dense woods-ebony, osage orange and so on. Are there any additional steps or actions I can take to address this - or - Is it simply an accepted condition that such woods glued surfaces will not hold as effectively as less dense wood glued joints? Thanks again!!
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