Oneida - Super Dust Deputy (Rating: 5)

I modified my DC system for the 'nth time, this time replacing my Woodcraft garbage can cyclone lid for the Super Dust Deputy. The trash can lid did fine but I was still getting a lot of dust and chips into the bag and filter. I really hate changing the bag and cleaning out the filter. It is a dirty messy job that kind of defeats the purpose when dust is going everywhere in the shop just to get the bag off, and to take the filter off to get it outside to clean. So I bit the cost and modified my system for the Dust Deputy (along with a major re-piping of my shop).

I reused the trash can by cutting a hole in the metal lid and reinforced it with MDF bolted and caulked to the underside. I also used weather stripping to help seal the around the lid. That was the easy part. Where I screwed up was not buying the reducers and connecting ducting parts from Oneida. Trying to save a nickel and spending a dime, I cobbled together metal ducting tube I bought from the box store. Nothing really fit quite right. An HVAC guy could have probably put it together in minutes without an issue. I ended up double sealing the connections with metal tape and duct tape. No leaks but probably loss of suction due to additional resistance at the connections.

The one issue I have with it and why I would rather give it 4.5 stars instead of 5 is the odd inlet size - five inches. Five inch tubing is expensive and finding the reducers to a four inch was difficult and hard to fit using the stuff from the box store. More tape. Why not go with a standard six inch or four inch inlet? Also note that the six inch outlet tubing going from the Dust Deputy to the DC is real expensive.

So far the dust collection has been great. I have almost no chips in the collection bag of the DC. A few hand plane shavings have escaped through, but at this rate it will take a long time before I have to empty the bag. The filter still collects dust but not near as much as before. I have no way of measuring loss of suction but I don't seem to have a problem. It seems to have better suction than I had with the trash can cyclone lid. I have one run that is over 35 feet (yea, I know, you aren't supposed to make runs that long) to my jointer and for sucking up chips around my hand tool bench, and it does fine. No clogs and I can hear the little chunks banging their way through the PVC pipe to the Dust Deputy and into the can. Which leads to my other praise, no chips or chunks going thought the fan blades of the DC.

As an additional note, I use four inch PVC and flexible tubing for the runs. Although the system has been modified several times since I wrote the blog noted below on how not to set up a DC system, you can see generally how my set up is (or was five years ago) -

Three or four more iterations and I may get it right.