Oneida - Super Dust Deputy (Rating: 4)

I have a Jet 1200, a 2 hp with a 12 inch impeller attached to a Super Dust Deputy (SDD) sitting on top of a 55 metal drum. I used a Alnor anemometer Model RVA+ to measure the velocity and calculated the cfm at different duct set ups and found no meaningful loss of cfm.

Measurements as follows;

1. Measured at the 6 inch intake with a cheap metal 90 degree elbow (after removing the two 4 " port) measured velocity at 5700 fpm/cfm 1114

2. same as above but with 3 cheap 6 " metal Home Depot 90 degree elbows and 4 ft of 6 " snap together pipe, 5004 fpm/1001 cfm

3. same as #2 but through a metal Super Dust Deputy with 5 ft of 5" metal pipe as the intake, 5852 fpm/1170 cfm

4. Same DC with cheap 90 degree elbow attached to 6 ' flex 8 ft long, 4844 fpm/969 cfm

5. Same as #4 thru SDD and 5 ft of 5 inch metal pipe as the intake, 5447 fpm/1089 cfm

Comparing #1 to #3 shows no significant loss through the SDD and additionally comparing the data from #2 and #4 shows the difference between the flex and metal ducting effects on the cfm to be minor, 1001 cfm to 969 cfm.

Therefore I believe that the Oneida SDD does not significantly impede the CFM in a 2hp DC using either flex or metal ducting.