Milwaukee - 2505-22 M12 FUEL Lithium-Ion 3/8 in. Cordless Installation Drill Driver Kit (Rating: 4)

I purchased this drill and there also happens to be a deal going on where you can choose a free bare tool, so I got the M12 Rover worklight also.

To preview, this seems to be a really well-thought-out tool.

-2 speeds
-Ease of changing the heads the basic 1/4" hex adapters on all of them.
-The magnetic bit holder!!! I love that thing. I'm always searching for the bits I placed who knows where!
-The ergonomics are great. Fits well in your hand, and is balanced well with the battery attached.
-The accessory heads cover it all. And if you want to, you can even attach a couple of them together.
-Stands up on it's own. I hate it when a drill wont stand up.
-I really like the new brushless motors. They are powerful and seem quieter and easier on battery life.

-I would prefer a carrying case that holds the tool and accessories securely without any straps. Blowmolded plastic would be fine. The softside case is ok, but who has the time or takes the time to mess around strapping things in with the little velcro straps?? This is an install tool, so by its nature, you're gonna be packing tuning and out a lot, and the case is important.
-Why not a 1/2" chuck instead of 3/8"? My other little M12 drill has a 1/2" chuck… not a huge deal. Most bits are stepped down to 3/8" anyway.
-Made in China. Can we PLEASE get some tools made in the USA? I would pay extra for a real American tool.

In summary, great tool. Only reason I couldn't give it 5 stars is the case.