Ridgid - 2410LS (Rating: 5)

I just have to rant (in a very good way) about Ridgid's customer service. I have a 1998 Ridgid table saw, Mod. TS2412. Before I became the Proud? owner, it was involved in an accident and fell out of a moving truck. In the accident, the spacer, the piece with the two 5/8 pins that the motor mounts on was destroyed. Some one that thought they were a welder tried to make a new one. As a result, when you try to cut an angle, the motor has to rise above the CI bed. It contacts the out feed table at 24 degrees. Not good. Since I have not had a reason to try an angle cut before, this has gone unnoticed until last night.
This morning I called Ridgid to check the price and availability. Not only did they have it in stock, they are sending it free! I told them about the accident, but that did not seem to matter. I had the plastic out and ready and did not need to use it. I am becoming a die hard fan of this company.
I just have to give Ridgid customer service 10 stars. Got that Martin? I need more stars!