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Super Cheap Scrub plane

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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know I picked up a Kobalt Bench plane from lowes about 2 weeks ago. It's not the best smoother. Although after you flatten the sole and tune up the blade and frog it did take pretty decent shavings. However, I have better planes for smoothing, but I do not have a scrub plane…. So I went ahead and converted said Kobalt bench plane to a scrub plane. I have to say it works way better as a scrub plane. So for $25.99 + tax its not a bad deal.
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I did the same with an old Dunlap #4 I picked up at a yard sale. Just cleaned it up, flattened the sole and sharpened the blade with a heavy camber on it. It'll hog some wood now.

I'm curious about the irons on the Kobalts. How thick are they and how do they hold an edge? I wonder why the Kobalts are so cheap and figure it's probably sloppy frogs, plastic handles and flimsy irons but I've never had my hands on one to verify.
It's a 2 inch blade just like the Stanley #4's, the handles are actually wooden and quite nice. The frog did have some slop but I was able to make it mate better with the sole pads with just a little work. I also think the sole is stamped steel rather than cast iron, but I'm not sure. But as a scrub plane it hogs off some wood just like I need to to do. It doesn't hold an edge for a supper long time but it get the job done before I have to go back to the stones.
I guess that i am either spoiled, lucky or just a persistant cheap bastard, but I would consider $25 to be out of my price range for a complete restorable vintage #4. A modern chinese made junk #4 copy for $25? Wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole….
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