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Sunhill 20" planer

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Having just decided to purchase the Dewalt 735 I had the crazy luck of someone offering me a Sun Hill 20" planer for the surprising price of free. I can't seem to find much information about Sun Hill other than they went out of business or this planer in particular. The owner said he was "tired of it"... not sure what that means either or what kind of condition its in. Does anyone know anything about Sun Hill planers? I wouldn't be surprised if its 220v but I'm hoping it's not 3 phase, if i understand correctly that would be difficult to do in my garage. Any suggestions on if this is worth my trouble?
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You should jump on it. Ship your Dewalt to me. :)
Luckily I haven't bought the dewalt yet…
Three phase is not difficult. My 20" is 3phz. I got a 10HP RPC (rotary phase converter). I have less than $300 in the RPC, if i rember right.
If that link shows the proper model, the motor is single phase.
Only problem could be finding replacement blades. I'd look for the to see if available but even if not, the old ones can be sharpened. Jump on this deal if it runs or not, too good to pass up.

How come this kind of thing never happens to me. My best deals have been when a neighbor borrows a tool and I eventually get it back.
Man, a free 20" planer! I'm with oldwrangler. How do I get in on these deals!
Not a clue how i got so lucky, my biggest issue now is getting a 800 lb planer out of my truck and in my garage. The alley behind my house is paved but my carport between the alley and my garage is dirt, which is probably not the best for a rented forklift.
If you were closer I'd be there in a heartbeat to help. I'd love to know a guy with a 20" planer that owed me a favor.
Free… you have nothing to lose.
Go for it.

I think Sunhill was a made in China brand… They were selling Oliver and Sunhill…
They looked ok..

At 20" I would love to have it.
Would that mean Oliver and Sunhill may at least be similar?
Sunhill was a Taiwan badge like Star, JET. I think they were
known to be decent quality and I think they were doing
a pretty good job with wide belt sanders. The owner
passed away a few years back and the family decided
to close the business.

Planer knives are pretty standard for most stationary light
industrial planers with gibbed cutterheads. They come in
a few thicknesses but gig screws adjust for thickness
variations anyway.

The owner may be irritated by a creeping depth setting.
Somebody local to me was selling a 20" Grizzly
with this issue pretty cheap recently. Totally a solvable
problem, imo.
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Today oliver is mostly medium sized industrial-class machinery
made in Asia. It's an old American industrial brand.
I have an old sun hill bandsaw. Basically, the sun hill machinery was just like Grizzly back in the day, they both imported machines from taiwan using the same castings. According to the info plate on my bandsaw, they were also located in the Seattle area.
Great, Ill be sure to post pictures to update you guys on what exactly Im getting myself into. Im sure Ill need a hand fixing whatever issues it presents to me.
I have a 6" jointer with a 52" bed from Sunhill, and love it!
Well … you only been here 6 hours, but I STILL gotta say …. DUDE! YOU SUCK!

A bit of search on that phrase will tell you that we all hate you 'cuz you just scored BIG TIME .... and we DIDNT!
I buy my Woodmaster 25" blades from Woodmaster for about 100.00, a set of 3 brand new sharp blades. I wonder if those could be cut down to 20" and fit into your sunhill planer. Like Loren said, gig screws will accommodate different thickness in knives. Just a thought. Congrats
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