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Suggestions for wood to use on French Easel project.

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Hello guys - brand new to the forum here and am looking for suggestions on what type of wood(s) to use for a French Easel that I'm going to make for my son. They're meant to be portable, so weight is a factor, but I also want something that will be durable. And stability is going to be important I think for the telescoping legs. Most of the factory-built ones I've seen use beechwood. Is that because it's the right choice or the cheap choice do you suppose?

Looking to tap into some of your all's experience and insight!


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Your choice of wood may depend on your location. I would suggest a mediium-hard, closed grain wood such as poplar ot beech. Someone (here) will recommend alder. It should have a minimum of flaws like knots, grain swirls, twists.
Beach is both cheap and good, strong stuff if you can get it. It will show ray flecks if you get it quarter sawn. Maple is somewhat heavier but arguably more beautiful.
The one I have (commercial easel) is mahogany.
Thanks Phil32, Loren and Darrel! I appreciate your insights.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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