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Suggestions for sled

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I was going put in a wooden transition threshold for my front door, but found that there is a 1/4 inch difference between the left and right sides of the doorway. I'm thinking making a sled to hold the threshold while I run it though the planner to remove enough from the bottom to give it a good fit.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to set-up the sled to allow it to run through the planner. Thanks in advance.
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I don't really see a need for a sled… I'd just glue/tack some scrap wood, appropriately sized, to one side of the threshold and run it through like that (scrap wood facing down against the table, bottom of threshold facing up). Easier still would be just to hit it with a hand plane.

+1 Make a sled? Not needed.

- This a perfect use of a power hand planer.
- Use a band saw to remove excess and belt sander to smooth it out.
- Taper jig on a TS

+1 hand plane only.
1/4" taper on small board is 5 minutes work with hand plane. Maybe 10 minutes if it is purple heart or some other really dense wood.

Don't over think or over engineer a solution.
Making a threshold is carpentry, not fine wood working. Any/all mistakes will be covered up by construction adhesive used to bond the threshold down, and caulk sealing the lower edges to keep bugs out.

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Not sure if you have hand planes but I could place some layout lines on that and get it where I need it quick. Something else to complicate things is that 1/4" may not be a strait line side to side. You may need to do some fettling and the power planner won't be your friend at that point.
I too would use a hand plane or even a power planer.

I would also look into why one side is higher/lower than the other. Is there something structurally that needs fixing first?
You can also just cut a long rabbet on your table saw. Doesn't matter if it's a bit rough, it's on the bottom.
My 2 cents…
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