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Suggestions for fabricating a matched bottom shelf for antique mirror

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Dear Friends,

I have purchased this cool old mahogany mirror/shelf kinda thing that I want to use over a powder room vanity. I would like to make a shelf for the bottom that is appropriately radiused and profiled from a mahogany board that I have purchased.

I need some help on how to set this up on the router table. Simplest is to trace the outline, rough cut on the bandsaw and then freehand profile on the router table, but I am concerned about a clean result. Any ideas for jigs or other techniques to get this radius?

Any advise on reproducing this profile?

Any other ideas?


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Make a template out of 1/4" masonite, luan, etc. Then, when you get it perfect, trace it on to the mahogany, rough it out on the band saw, attach the template to the mahogany and finish it with a template bit in the router.
I agree with Steve pattern route it. Just make sure your pattern is smooth as possible because the router bearing will repeat any flaws. and I prefer at least 1/2" material for patterns.
Many thanks for the suggestions. I will follow these instructions and post result.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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