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Suggestion Box: Pulse page field "Date Opened"

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The way the pulse page is today is great. I find the organization and filters are great.

I would also be helpful to have a field for "Date opened" or "Date of first posting" (however you want to flag it) so that we can tell if something is very fresh, or something is coming back into cycle.

With so much to check out, there are days when I want to focus on new stuff… and other days on looking through things that have come back.

Anyhow - just a suggestion.
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Good Idea. Nice to be able to choose new from old.. as you say..
I also like to see things from a while back that have just caught someone else's eye. In some cases I have missed them… can't look at everything… ok some can… but I have only so much time these days and I like to spend a lot of it in the shop…If someone else comments on them then maybe I will have a look..sorry for waffling on.. time to go out to the shop and make something to post….
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