Rockler - bench cookies (Rating: 5)

We are producing a new video series which takes the concept of tool reviews and adds a bit of "info-tainment". No, this isn't a song and dance kind of thing, it's a serious tool review, done in a not so serious way. I love to watch tool reviews, but I rarely watch a review just for the sake of watching. I hope this new format changes all of that! You may already own the tools, you may not care about them. But the videos themselves are worth watching!

Anywho- The following four videos are about the Rockler Bench Cookie Plus and the associated accessories. I am a big fan of these things, and while I do own several other brands of bench "cookies", I prefer the Rockler brand because of the attachable accessories. Full disclosure- Rockler is a sponsor of the new website. But when we do tool reviews, we only do it if we actually use the product in the shop. If we don't like it, we don't review it. Period. I won't say I like something just because a company wants me to, and Rockler is well aware of that.

First- A great video about the Bench Cookie Plus and it's accessories…

Now a short video about the riser accessories. (I may be wearing a dress in this one…)

NOTE: For some reason I can't post all four videos on one review page, so please see the second half of this review here.

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