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still for sale

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Hey all. I know we've been through this already but I need to sell this stuff so I have to do something. I have a portercable 80 gallon 7hp air compressor for $400, a grizzly jump saw $2500, a grizzly dovetail machine $2500, A powermatic 66 table saw with excalibur $1500, a 50 door drying rack $200, and a woodrat $500. Please for the love of god buy the tools. I'm willing to make deals here so make reasonable offers.
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I'm in Orange County CA.
Good luck.

Help out a fellow lumberjock.

I wish you all the best my friend. It's sad to see a fellow with your talent in this position.

Hopefully someone will come through for you.

I need to add a tool to this now because the clown that was supposed to buy it turned out to be a flake. It's the grizzly 18" open end drum sander and it was also new last January. I am asking $650 and it also has the shop fox mobile base.
Have you listed your tools on I've had good success selling there, and it's free. Good luck. -SST
Hey guys. Well I got into a purdickament to where I had to let some of them go for a lot cheaper. I gave the jump saw, table saw and air compressor up for 3k. Yep, definately hard times. I do have some of the other stuff for sale still, and all of it will be for sale soon as my house is foreclosing. I managed to bring everything to the garage to buy more time and see if I can get more money out of it. It's sad to think that my woodworking career is almost over. I won't be able to afford to live off of a woodworkers salary here in CA so I am going to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. Problem there is that they typically reject people if they are having financial problems. They fear the mental state of the person may not be good. I've gone through a lot lately and I think if I was going to SNAP I would have done it already. LOL. Maybe I'm on my way. I'll keep everyone posted on what's going to be for sale as the time for me to move gets closer. Thanks guys for the thoughts.
Just don't mention your financial state when applying. Be honest if asked. They need a lot of help right now and will make allowances. Many cops have money troubles. See if you can consign the machinery somewhere. That will get it out of your way and under cover. Now, get the apps in and head for the academy. Mainly be honest but don't dwell on the problems. I used to sit on a hiring board. You're not alone.
Law enforcement my be one of the recession prof jobs. Two of the employees I had to let go pursued law enforcement. One is a correctional officer and the other starts the academy for the California Highway Patrol this month, go for it.
Thanks for the encouragement on pursuing law enforcement. It is what I always wanted to do but I fell into woodworking early in my life. (14) I had to get a job to pay for my school cloths and my first car when I turned 16. My parents did the best they could but with 4 of us and a low paying job it was hard for them. 3 of us got jobs to support ourselves. That allowed my parents to pay off their trailor and get a newer vehicle of their own. So the law enforcement career had always been put off because I was staying busy. I did apply a few times before, didn't get the score I needed to be a deputy (only SSO), and the next few times I applied I got busy and missed the test. I did take and pass the Oceanside tests but they never called me back. This morning I was supposed to go and take the Orange County test but I am discouraged as to where I am going to live. With the house forclosing I may leave to Riverside county. So I am going to apply there. Anyhow, maybe this recession and the loss of my business is the mans way of putting me into the career I've always wanted. Although it would have been a lot nicer of him to put me into it with better credit, less debt, and fewer problems. I guess it will be my price to pay.
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have read your saga and am inpressed that you still have an uplifting attitude. (when he closes a door he opens a window) a door closed for you but it looks like he has opened a window. Hope you all the best in the new career. As to why I posted, I'm looking for a dovetail machine like the one you have (If you still have) If you do still have it please reply because I have a large job that will alow me to purchase it. (am tired of out sourcing them due to odd sizes and angles) and once again good luck

I have done a couple pre-employment background investigations for my deparetment, and a credit report is always pulled for each applicant. So you'll probably niot be able to side-step the issue, but you can certainly explain it. For us anyway bad credit can serve as a red flag but we will not toss an applicant just because of that before at least talking to them. Good luck !
Hey brother, I really wish you well. Attitude is important, you seem to have that covered.
Have you tried this ? I've sold a lot of tools here lately.

Damn, sorry I just noticed you posted this 55 days ago. You guys got me again.
You're on my prayer list my friend. Hey, it sure can't hurt. Right?
Thanks guys. I actually was able to get rid of everything here, but I ran into another problem. My luck is absolutely non existant right now. Anyhow, I was forced to move the tools out of my previous shop so the new tenant could move in. So I was down to 3 tools. The compressor, tablesaw, and jumpsaw. Everything else I managed to get to my garage. I sold the dovetail machine and drum sander and got cash for those. However, I put some trust into a guy to make payments on the compressor, jump saw, and tablesaw. He picked them up from the shop about 6 weeks ago, promised 500 deposit 2 weeks after pickup, and final payment of only 3k by late march. It's almost late march and I have received $0. I call him and he says he's waiting for payment on this and for that. So now what do I do? I can't afford small claims. We have a half assed contract. I feel like I was robbed. I have to say I've never been so low and so taken advantage of. What the hell is wrong with people? BTW, I sold the drum sander last night to a fellow lumberjock, and I think he got the info off of the "for woodworkers by woodworkers tool list". So I need to go update that. At least there are good folks here at lumberjocks to keep my hopes up.
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He's not going to guve you money. Do you want the tools back? Do you have a place to park them while you sell?

After you figure out those answers, PM me if you want me to write him a sh*togram.
Shoot, I thought you meant "still" for sale and I was all ready to grab some corn mash and head over to washington for a subsidy!

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