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Steampunk Mirror Frame

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I'm somewhat new to relief carving and have been stricken with inspiration to attempt a project! I'd really love to get some opinions and suggestions as to best practices and tips, special techniques I should look into and so on.

The inner dimensions will be 24in x 36in and I'm open to how wide the boarder ?should? / needs to be.

I'd also love it if you could suggest the likely tools I'd need to have a good shot at this. Time isn't a concern and I'm sure it will take me quite some time, so I don't mind the hard work.

Below is a general concept art (not mine) but it's likely to be modified. Even so, it likely won't deviate all too much unless it's just not feasible for whatever reason.

Thanks in advance, I know this is a big project, but I'm excited about it, so I'm really look forward to your opinions!

P.S. I plan on starting with some "dummy" wood to make sure I'm where I need to be :)

Brown Picture frame Rectangle Serveware Metal


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Kool!!! My stepdaughter is into steampunk and would really like this.
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