Outdoor Manufacturing business - Starting a Outdoor furniture business (Rating: 5)

For as long as I can remember there have discussions here at Lumber Jocks about doing woodworking as a business or getting paid for the master pieces that come out of our shops. I know everyone that has enjoyed wood working or any other creative outlet has said to them self "How can I do this and make a living at it"? Well I ask the same question every time I am in the shop. I found what I consider about the most straight up and to the point, down and dirty "Here is how it's done, but it's not easy" book I have found to date. The author Matt Oppenheim talks about his journey from a week end worrier to owning a manufacturing business producing outdoor furniture and the eventual sale of the business. But mostly he points out his failures and successes and what you should consider that he did not. He speaks about the time frames for returns on your investment and things you can and should do before you quit your job and start the wheels of your manufacturing business and hire employees. Any one considering a career in woodworking as a business owner should get this book and use it to as part of developing your business plan. I am sending Matt a link to this review and in turn he can ad any comments he feels necessary to more elaborate on my interpretation of what he intended his book to offer. (Maybe he will join and become another resource, LOL)

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