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Staples out of rosewood flooring

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I recently picked up about 10 boards of 3/4 rosewood flooring. However when they tried to take out the staples they didn't know how and so just ground them flush to the wood with an angle grinder. How do I get the rest of the staple out without just cutting off about 25% of my usable wood?
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You'll probably have to chisel down on each side of each staple remnant to get a grip with pliers. I had a similar challenge with power staples in a maple stairway. Fortunately, the staples were intact, but I had to hammer a titanium knife blade under each one to get them loose.
I have some older nail punches that have a indent in the middle where they could in theory slip over the staple and be driven in to push the staples out. If you don't have something like that those boards would be worth it to buy one or make one. The holes would obviously be a bit larger on one side but those could either be filled or flipped to the inside of the project.
I'd try starting to drive the cut ends with a screwdriver, possibly prepped on the grinder.

If it really matters, maybe heat the staple ends with a soldering iron to loosen them.

I just scrounged some wood that had parts stapled together, but the wood wasn't much so I just cut off the stapled parts.
So the pin punch seems to be the best route so far. I got a few out pretty quick once I figured out best angle to do it. I really do appreciate the help! Hopefully in a few hours I can get all these out and figure out what I can build out of this old floor! Thanks!
Successfully got all the staples out except two that managed to break off under the surface. Will just mark those and dimension around them. Thanks for all the help!
Just a thought but you could cut it to size with a cheep blade. Sort of pretend they aren't there
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